GV Athletics Benchmark Workout Leaderboard

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1 Mile Run

1st Diego M 5:52 Rx
2nd Jesse D 6:39 Rx
3rd Jay H 6:58 Rx
4th Roger M 7:20 Rx
5th Dianne S 7:24 Rx
1st Mariah V 7:37 Rx
2nd Evelyn S 7:40 Rx
3rd Trischa D 7:47 Rx
4th Sara H 7:55 Rx
5th Aileen L 8:00 Rx

CrossFit Total

1st Jay H 1055 lbs Rx+
2nd Jesse D 1000 lbs Rx
3rd Roger M 975 lbs Rx
4th Heath Z 895 lbs Rx
5th Shannon s 785 lbs Rx
1st Kassandra H 665 lbs Rx
2nd Linda M 625 lbs Rx
3rd Trischa D 565 lbs Rx
4th Gayle R 550 lbs Rx
5th Sara H 530 lbs Rx


1st Jesse D 5:19 Rx
2nd Roger M 6:12 Rx
3rd Heath Z 6:42 Rx
4th Michael T 6:45 Rx
1st Linda M 4:56 Rx
2nd Kassandra H 5:28 Rx
3rd Trischa D 5:47 Rx
4th Sara H 5:58 Rx
5th Michaela Y 8:10 Rx


1st Heath Z 2:50 Rx
2nd Roger M 3:31 Rx
3rd Maurice B 8:06 Rx
4th Diego M 3:10 Scaled
5th Dan R 6:30 Scaled
1st Linda M 4:45 Rx
2nd Evelyn S 5:38 Rx
3rd Sara H 5:40 Rx
4th Gayle R 6:48 Rx
5th Roxanne G 10:42 Rx